One of the best online stores...no doubt about it!
I buy at you for many years, and only once I had a little problem. One item was not shipped. But once you realized the problem, you did everything to make it right very quickly. So, I highly recommend this site, And I will continue buying at you as long as you keep your excellent service!

- Dennis


When I first got to know this website (2008) I was really skeptical about free shipping and chinese product's quality. I started ordering small gadjets and as they were all arriving withoug any problems, I also started to go for bigger and more expensive things. Of course you cannot expect their mobiles and Tablets to be as good as others by the big brands, but I assure you that once you begin to dig thinks and read the reviews, you are definitely going to find A LOT of useful stuff. I really recommend getting things from them!

- Arturo


Superior service and great products are the norm for you! I would heartily recommend you to any buyer! Shipping is free and reasonably fast, and prices are usually the best you'll find, especially for odd and unique gadgets.

The very few problems that I've ever had were usually on the US side, and involved the post office losing or delaying shipments. Your customer service always provided solutions to problems in a timely manner, and they emailed status reports on a regular basis. I always found them courteous and responsive!